New Travel Tools

Traveling New Zealand meant back to basics in terms of metal/wax tools.. You can see right here what I brought over with me back in December. A couple of hand files + exacto knives + patience. It has been challenging but fun to create within these constraints.

BUT while I was back in the US for my sister’s amazing wedding, I had access to a rolling mill.. which means FILIGREE WIRE. After two entire days of constant twisting + annealing + rolling + funny looks from fellow studio users [they think I’m crazy for how much wire I made] I now have mass quantities of filigree wire absolutely begging to be made into something.. anything!

Random Note: Absolutely NO security agent in the US or NZ ever even asked why I had hundreds of feet of silver wire in my carry on. I was worrying up a storm for no reason.



I have had an urge to work with filigree ever since we came over to New Zealand + up until now I had none of the supplies needed to do so. The moment we landed in Auckland I set out for Regal Casting for a few supplies:

  • handheld mini butane torch
  • brass brush
  • not super caustic pickle
  • pliers
  • anything else that caught my eye that I could:
    • afford
    • fit in the van
    • take back to the US with me [not super heavy]

I could spend hours in Regal Casting..and it is only a one room supply store. That is where the saying comes from.. “I’m like a Kelsey in metal/art supply store.”

ahh new toys tools!

I already have notebooks filling up with ideas.. and plenty of bits and pieces already in the works.

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