Every piece of the Shoreline Collection gives back to it’s inspiration. We are thrilled to share that 10% of sales from the Shoreline Collection will be donated to organizations working to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

If you have ever spent time along the coast of the Great Lakes, you understand how inspiring a place it can be. The massive expanses of fresh water can be disorienting at first sight. The diversity of plant and animal life is astounding, and the intricacies of the landscape are mesmerizing. Inspired by the ever-changing coast of my home state of Michigan, the Shoreline Collection is comprised of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces each with their own unique personality.

Surface Freshwater

The Great Lakes contain 95% of United States’ surface freshwater and 20% of the World’s surface freshwater: 6 quadrillion gallons! At 95,000 square miles, the Great Lakes are the largest surface area of freshwater in the world.


The Great Lakes Basin is home to more than 3,500 species of plants and animals. 170+ species of fish are native to the region. 350+ migratory birds use the basin as a critical stopover.

Drinking Water

More than 35 million people rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water. Our agricultural system also relies on water from the Great Lakes.


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Kelsey grew up in Michigan, where the Great Lakes are integral to everyday life. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Kelsey explored several states and countries before ultimately returning to Michigan. She comes from a family of creatives and entrepreneurs who have shaped and inspired her artistic life. Kelsey uses the ancient craft of filigree, which dates back thousands of years, to create contemporary and playful pieces inspired by her surroundings.